Scorching: Tango Fire

Peacock Theatre, London
February 3, 2017

Jessica Wilson

Scorching temperatures are rife on the dance floor of Tango Fire, as the ten glamorous dancers take to the stage again after a four-year break from London. This time the talented group are supported by a band set across the back of the stage, the live accompaniment accentuating every swivel and head flick, all performed perfectly. Add into the mix the suave notes of singer Jesus Hidalgo and you have yourself a hugely fulfilling performance.

Created by German Cornejo, one half of the hugely popular couple with his partner Gisela Galeassi, Tango Fire is a true lesson in tango in all its forms. The dancers swoop their way through the show, shifting the easy-going tango foxtrot to hyper-intense moments of daring lifts and acrobatics. Everyone is full of poise, excitement and passionate energy. The dialogues between the couples sizzle, so deft and quick are their kicks, spins and flicks. Everything seems choreographed, right down to the flicks of the fingers.

German Cornejo and Gisela Galeassi in Tango FirePhoto Oliver Neubert
German Cornejo and Gisela Galeassi in Tango Fire
Photo Oliver Neubert

The choreography cannot be faulted. Even the weaker moments are sharp, scintillating and swift. Unsurprisingly, Cornejo and Galeassi hold the baton as the strongest couple. They give a stunning display that emphasises their indescribable partnership. It is impossible not be impressed by the speed of their movement and the intertwining whips and kicks of their legs, working together seamlessly at top speed. The finesse of the ensemble must be applauded too, full as it is of acrobatics, showmanship and pizazz, although there is a healthy contribution of a seemingly purer injection of tango.

The dance is intimate in its emotion, the macho display of the men only highlighting the females’ sensuality. Comic timing in the more playful sections including the whole cast act as a welcome relief from the sultry moments, although only Galeassi truly also used her face to convey expression.

A mix of live music and passionate showbiz displays, Tango Fire contains an epic degree of movement that tango lovers will find truly awe-inspiring.

Tango Fire is at the Peacock Theatre to February 18. Visit for details and tickets.