A year in dance: 2016 in review

SeeingDance editor David Mead takes a personal glance back at the dance he saw in 2016.

Turning the theatre inside out: Familie Flöz’s Teatro Delusio

Peacock Theatre, London January 12, 2017 Maggie Foyer Familie Flöz are a rare treat. They turn the verb ‘mask’ into ‘reveal’ in magical fashion and in Teatro Delusio they turn the theatre inside out. We see the world of opera and ballet through the eyes of the backstage crew, a trio of old hands who … Read more

Intoxicating: Familie Floz in Teatro Delusio

Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh August 23, 2016 David Mead It takes a lot to fill the Grand at the Pleasance Courtyard. It’s a huge venue. But Berlin-based Familie Flöz did just that and more at this year’s Fringe with Teatro Delusio, 90 minutes of intoxicating mime and puppetry full of wonderful characters; clowning, slapstick and more … Read more

Looking forward to dance on this year’s Edinburgh Fringe

Whatever your particular dance fix might be, you’re almost sure to find it somewhere on the Fringe