Pulsating dance and iconic song: Rosie Kay Dance Company in MK ULTRA

Laban Theatre, London April 20, 2017 Maggie Foyer Rosie Kay, after her phenomenal success with 5 Soldiers, takes us to the shadowy world of conspiracy theories. An effective and informative audio visual display, projected on an emblematic triangle draws us deeper into the mire. Television journalist, Adam Curtis, has done a grand job in enlightening … Read more

Students shine in Taiwan university performances

National Taiwan University of Sport; Metropolitan Hall, Taipei; April 6, 2017 National Taiwan University of the Arts; Metropolitan Hall, Taipei; April 8, 2017 National Taiwan University of the Arts; NTUA Performing Arts Centre, Banqiao; April 15, 2017 David Mead The arrival of spring in Taiwan brings with it a rush of performances by university dance … Read more