Northern Ballet makes cinema debut with children’s ballets

Northern Ballet, in collaboration with CinEvents, makes its debut in cinemas this winter with over 200 screenings across the UK of some of its most popular children’s ballets. Tortoise & the Hare, Elves & the Shoemaker and Three Little Pigs will be shown in cinemas across the UK in January, February and March 2019.

Tortoise & the Hare will launch on January 26, Elves & the Shoemaker on February 23 and Three Little Pigs on March 23, with encores available in select locations.

The official trailer is now available to check out on-line.

Archie Sullivan and Luke Francis in Tortoise & the HarePhoto Brian Slater
Archie Sullivan and Luke Francis in Tortoise & the Hare
Photo Brian Slater

Northern Ballet began creating short ballets specifically for young children in 2013 and now has six ballets based on well-known children’s stories. To date, the productions have been seen by a combined audience of over 212,000. All ballets have also been adapted for TV, amassing over 1 million viewers.

On tour, every performance features live music, providing a first experience of live theatre, dance and music for many youngsters and their families. Northern Ballet hope this move into cinemas will enable even more families to see the productions and provide an engaging introduction to ballet and cinema.

Marian Rodrigues and Mlindi Kulashe in Three Little PigsPhoto Brian Slater
Marian Rodrigues and Mlindi Kulashe in Three Little Pigs
Photo Brian Slater

The ballets are performed by the company’s regular dancers, all also featuring colourful designs and captivating music. For cinema, they have been enhanced with animations and have the story narrated by well-known BBC presenter Anita Rani. Each also has ‘dance demos’ from the characters for the children to learn some of their moves.

Before each of the ballets, cinema-goers will be introduced to Elephant, Monkey or Polar Bear, characters from the family friendly animated series, Jungle Beat. Children will be able to join them in their adventures via a 5-minute feature before the main event begins.

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