Tuesday, 21 November, 2017
A dance of light and shade: Tussock Dance Theater in The Floating Space

Experimental Theater, Xiqu Center, Taipei November 18, 2017 David Mead When seen on New Year’s Eve last year, The Floating Space (浮域誌異) by Wu Chien-wei (吳建緯) and Tussock Dance Theater (野草舞蹈聚... Read more

Not much heart in Meg Stuart’s Until Our Hearts Stop

Nudity that's more Soho that Sadler's Read more

An enigmatic feast: The Great Tamer

Part dream, part nightmare, part riddle Read more

Acceptance, conflict, construction, destruction: Exit by Gu Jiani (古佳妮《插銷》)

The performers and designs are excellent Read more

BalletBoyz: Fourteen Days

BalletBoyz: Fourteen Days

An interesting shake up of the oft-programmed triple bill Read more

Narrative Poem: a disjointed evening

Narrative Poem: a disjointed evening

A strangely alienating evening Read more

Bolshoi Ballet in Cinema: terrific acting and dancing in The Taming of the Shrew

Krysanova is outstanding, a whirlwind of anger that dissolves into plaint sensuality Read more

To Grin Like a Cheshire Cat (70種笑): revealing the truth behind laughs and smiles

The cast of five were all rather impressive as they pulled back the curtain Read more

Cilla – The Musical: A juke box of songs

Cilla – The Musical: A juke box of songs

A nostalgic trip down musical memory lane Read more

L-E-V explore compulsive obsession in OCD Love

Really striking is the accuracy and quality of the dancers Read more

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