Thursday, 22 August, 2019
A searing evocation of the city: Oona Doherty’s Hard to be Soft: A Belfast Prayer

A cathartic and intense journey Read more

Two Chinese-inspired pieces: Xchange by Dramatic English Shenzen & Qing Snake by Xiao Bai Art Theatre

Full of warmth and good humour Read more

In need of substance: RAK MD LGD by Sharon Eyal, Gai Behar & L-E-V

Taut focus that then unravels Read more

Showcasing dance from the Basque Country at the Edinburgh Fringe

#HQPC: a playful dance of charm and ingenuity Read more

Lost in translation: The Solitary Journey of Guan Yu

Narrative vague Read more

Old ballets revisited with fresh faces: Singapore Dance Theatre in Masterpiece In Motion

Surprising and compelling Read more

A look at three very different relationships: Chloe Kastner Dance Company in Untouchables

Different times, different places Read more

Being together, making dance fun: Ensemble by Robbie Synge and Lucie Boyes

A celebration Read more

Seeking Unicorns with Chiara Bersani

Seeking Unicorns with Chiara Bersani

Meticulous detail Read more

Superb dancers but a guide needed: Goliath in the Water by Modeun Company

Left to the watcher to decipher Read more

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