Saturday, 30 May, 2020
Let’s Dance International Frontiers returns to Leicester with another impressive programme

Let’s Dance International Frontiers often feels like one of those hidden away festivals... Read more

The Legend of Mulan comes to London

The Legend of Mulan comes to London

The Hong Kong Dance Company is bringing the famous Chinese story to London's Royal Festival Hall Read more

…and they don’t even get to see the dance

They do just as much preparation, but don't get to see the dance Read more

Rosie Kay on MK Ultra: delving into pop culture, brainwashing and mind control

An exploration and deconstruction of the weird world of pop culture, subverting the subversive Read more

A year in dance: 2016 in review

A year in dance: 2016 in review

SeeingDance editor David Mead takes a personal glance back at the dance he saw in 2016. Read more

Ahmad Joudeh: from Syria to the Netherlands, dancing for peace

Until recently, Ahmad Joudeh was giving dance classes to children in Damascus. Then Dutch TV made a film... Read more

Dancing city, dancing nation: Aberdeen’s DanceLive and dance in Scotland

“There has always been culture in Aberdeen – you’ve just had to look for it.” Read more

Yuri Grigorovich, master Russian choreographer, reaches his 90th birthday

As he celebrates his 90th birthday on January 2nd, Charlotte Kasner looks at the colossus of Russian choreographers that is Yuri Grigorovich, his times and his work. Yuri Nikolayevich Grigor... Read more

As he celebrates his 90th birthday, three Yuri Grigorovich classic ballet productions come to the big screen

As Charlotte Kasner points out in her in-depth look at Yuri Grigorovich, if there is one choreographer who dominated Russian ballet during the second half of the 20th-century it is surely Yu... Read more

Rosa Park: a ballerina retires

The clarity of her dance, like an inlaid pearl, was remarkable. Read more

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