Wednesday, 25 November, 2020

New John Cranko School opens in Stuttgart

New John Cranko School opens in Stuttgart

The first purpose designed and built ballet school in Germany Read more

Let’s Dance International Frontiers returns as part of Black History Month

Includes Jean Abreu live at the Phoenix Arts Centre Read more

New English Ballet Theatre to show Wayne Eagling’s Remembrance online

NEBT artistic director Karen Pilkington Miksa, on the ballet, the present situation, and future plans Read more

Connecting with Taiwan: Edinburgh Fringe’s Taiwan Season moves online

Four artist interviews and eight webinars across four weeks Read more

Getting back into the Pineapple studio and the new found possibilities for classes online

"People are desperate for a class. "They want to get back." Read more

Looking ahead to a return to dance classes

Looking ahead to a return to dance classes

Part 1 with Danceworks general manager Lesley Osman Read more

Manch UK: personal stories and short performances from the South Asian dance community

Stories of their creative journey, inspirations and challenges from 34 artists Read more

World Ballet School Day

World Ballet School Day

12 schools comes together for the inaugural edition Read more

Dance crossword

As a change from watching streamings of performances, here is a dance-word (i.e. a crossword on a dance theme), compiled by Judy Lipsey. Download as a pdf or Word document. Read more

Wanted: a choreographed way out of the coronavirus crisis

Where does it go from here? Where should it go? Read more

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